BTPH Hasnaoui Car Wrap

Car Wrap Simulation and Design Visualization

Project Overview:

This project involved creating realistic and visually appealing car wrap simulations for our client. The primary goal was to provide clients with an accurate preview of how their vehicles would look with the proposed wrap designs, ensuring satisfaction before proceeding with the final application.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Design Concept Integration: Worked closely with the design team to understand the client’s vision and integrate their design concepts into the car wrap simulations.
  2. Photo Realism: Utilized advanced photo editing techniques to overlay wrap designs onto high-resolution photographs of vehicles, ensuring that the simulations were as realistic and detailed as possible.
  3. Client Presentation: Created high-quality visuals for client presentations, allowing them to visualize the final product accurately and make informed decisions.
  4. Feedback Incorporation: Actively sought and incorporated client feedback to refine and perfect the car wrap designs, ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Technologies and Tools Used:

  • Adobe Photoshop: Used extensively for its robust photo editing capabilities, enabling precise and realistic overlay of wrap designs onto vehicle images.
  • Illustrator: Employed for creating and adjusting design elements to fit the contours and dimensions of different vehicles.
  • Photography: Worked with high-resolution vehicle photographs to maintain the quality and realism of the simulations.
  • 3D Modeling Software (optional): In some cases, used 3D modeling software to create more dynamic and interactive previews for clients.

Project Execution:

  • Initial Consultation: Met with clients to understand their requirements and gather all necessary design elements and preferences.
  • Design Development: Created initial wrap design concepts based on client specifications and brand guidelines.
  • Simulation Creation: Overlaid the wrap designs onto photographs of the client’s vehicles, ensuring accurate alignment and realistic representation of the final product.
  • Review and Iteration: Presented simulations to clients for feedback, making adjustments as needed to achieve the desired look.
  • Finalization: Delivered the final, approved car wrap simulations to the client, ready for the actual wrap application.


The project resulted in highly realistic car wrap simulations that exceeded client expectations, providing them with a clear and accurate preview of their vehicle wraps. This process minimized risk and ensured high client satisfaction before proceeding to the final wrap application.